[PLUGIN] Roguelike plugin - C2 rot.js interface

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  • If you choose a DungeonDigger map generator type, you can input max/min values for room width & height as well as for corridor length. There is no direct way to control the number of rooms. However, choosing a map size and room dimensions will give you roughly what you want...

  • If i understand correctly "Corridor length min/max" will let me set "how long" corridors can be.


    I was thinking about "width" not the length, to make some corridors wider and some thinner


  • It would be just great to have a feature to determine a corridor width. I'm having in mind a game project that needs exactly that functionality. However, this is not supported by rot.js, at least not yet. I'm thinking about writing to author asking him to implement this feature.

    On the other hand, I am thinking actively about some workaround. I don't dare to change the library itself, since it could easily break something...

    For now, I am reflecting on a manner to implement a door functionality. It exists in rot.js: every room has info about its doors (coordinates of associated doors). I still haven't found a satisfactory way to translate it into the plugin. But I'm on my way

    When I do this, I'll consider the plugin done and will ask for it to be transfered to the other part of the forum

  • Lunarovich

    A superb plugin! Great, great addition to the plugin list, thanks for sharing!

    It would be great that you include some kind of license with the plugin; both for the rot.js library and your plugin... (to keep rot.js licensing satisfied; as i see, there's no licensing info for rot.js in your plugin)

    I took the liberty and created an example license.txt for you that would cover all licensing issues; do what you like with it!

  • i love you, rot.js is a great plugin combined with Construct 2

  • JohnnySheffield Glad you like it. I have not finished yet the plugin. I shall think about it's licence when it's done. Basically, it is supposed to have a same licence as all other plugins.

    tatogame Thanks man! As I said before, I need to add the code for accessing door locations (contact points between corridors and rooms). Union algorithm for dungeon creation will be added also. Afterwards, I will release the version 1.0 which will be safe for the game development in the sense that new versions will be compatible with existing versions.

    After that point, we'll have to thorough test the code to make it bug free

  • yes, thats the problem, there's a lot of plugins without license, which makes their usage in commercial projects questionable.

    regardless of your choice of license, you should include the rot.js license in the files from rot library you distribute, as currently you're not respecting the rot.js license which states that the license text should be included in any distributions. ( also be careful that licenses are compatibile

    nevertheless, a great plugin, cant wait to see a stable release!

  • JohnnySheffield Thanks a lot on the advice. Didn't really think that much about licence and all this stuff. In any case, it will be available for commercial use free of any charge (I think that rot.js is also) but with a licence included.

    I shall be busy these days with my PhD, but you could expect a finished version in two weeks

  • Nice. If this works well, I can see it being very very useful. Will test it after work today.

  • plauk, Thanks!

    Added version 0.9 of the plugin. You can now get room's door coordinates. Also added another dungeon digging algorithm interface and a dug percentage option...

    I still have to implement an interface to several very useful cellular automata algorithm options . You'll be able to use them to set the algorithm to dug interesting natural-like topologies...

    Than, I'll consider the plugin done

  • Hello! Thank you for this great plugin, very handy for generating maps indeed I noticed that rot.js has the ability to enter a seed, which I guess is to be able to generate the same layout over and over? Is it possible to add that in to this plugin, or is there a more sensible way to do this with construct (like saving/loading a layout via json)?

  • UnusualCadence Hi! I've just added the seed functionality

    Hello everyone! I've just completed the V 1.0 of the plugin. Please send all your future comments, bug reports and requests in the Completed Addons part of the forum.

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  • Lunarovich WOW! This is a great plugin. Thank you!!

  • Thanks man

  • What is different between this plugin and Ubivis 's Random Dungeon Generator?

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