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  • rexrainbow

    Cool, I look forward to trying it out.

  • rexrainbow

    hi rex

    two question,and sorry for my bad english.

    1.how can i create a object on door position(not door tile),

    the"roguelike plug-in"have a "for each door of room",then i can get the door loop_index,and creat the object on door position,

    2.I creat a object on door position ,and compare the position of the door with at the top and bottom of the room,set the room type(An object variables) to"left,right,top,bottom"in "roguelike plug-in",how can i set the door type in dungeon_gen?I find dungeon_gen have a "door type"but i didn't know how to use it.sorry about it.and thank a lot.

  • corpvs2


    This plugin does not have a door list of each room yet. I will try to implement it later. (Sorry I am busy recently )


    The description of "Condition:Door type" is "return True if there has a neighbor room".

    For example, if there has a room at the left side of this door, "Condition:Door type" with "left" parameter will return true.

  • rexrainbow

    thanks rex,I will try the "Condition:Door type" function.

    and look forward to future update

  • Awesome - thank you for this!!!

  • I am working with your dungeongen plugin in my game.

    Currently coridors are only 1 tile height.

    Can you add a option to set the corridore height?

    I would like my corridors to be at least 2 tiles height.

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  • Savvy001

    Sorry, (rot.js) api does not have this kind of parameter.

  • Ah thats to bad, thanks for checking.

    Then i must use bigger tiles instead.

  • Savvy001 you can also split every tile in the array into 4 tiles in a new array and get 2 wide hallways this way.

    It also has the neat side effect that you only need 9 tiles in your tileset for the walls because it always creates tiles that have at least 2 neighbors.

  • A question. You've said the result of this plugin is a 2D array but in the demo provided - it creates 1400-2000 objects using loops(which are rather CPU heavy). You also said that it can be used both with sprites and tilemap. But using it with tilemap, from what I see, still has to generate those +/-1700 objects and then turn transfer the result into tilemap/array. Is there a way to get the generated array and just paste it somewhere else in JSON format? I imagine it would be like:

    DungeonGen->Generate dungeon
    IF DungeonGen finished->Load Tiles from JSON string("DungeonGen.JsonArray")[/code:30jdzbfw]
    (not sure did I explained the issue correctly so ask away, if anything doesn't sound clear enough)
  • Update

    Add expression: MapAsJSON.


    Here it is. But it is not designed for loading to official tilemap object. It is only an array with value 0/1 in each cell.

    To load map into tilemap, you might fill tile ID of each tile cell (x, y) by maze_gen's expression:ValueAt(x, y).

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