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  • , sorry for the late reply, I was on holiday without access to the computer (was very relaxing without a computer for a week)

    you can set the tiles at a size of whatever you like. The Generator just generates the rooms.

    As an example:

    You have a floor at the coordinates 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 2/1 and 3/1. You can get this information from the generated Array. If you device to use a tile that has the size of 64x64 you only need to take care that the tiles are aligned correctly.

    1 2 3

    1 X X X

    2 X

    3 X

    I do hope this makes sense, I will try to find some time to set up a simple example capx which shows how to use different tilesizes.

    istavang, unfortunately not yet

  • First post updated with a simple 2D Demo (Images taken from kenny.nl, thank you very much for your great art work)

    excluding the 2 actions for debug purposes, the whole huge map is set up with 7 simple actions

  • works good !

  • A Plugin which generates a dungeon of custom size and populates an array object with the generated information.

    Download V0.1 (Early Alpha with an infinite loop bug. Use at your own risk.)

    Download V0.2


    - added expression "LoadStatus". 0 = not run or not finished generating; 1 = completed generation

    3D Live-Demo

    - You can walk around with WASD (just a visual demo, you can also walk through the black).

    - Unfortunately, the infinite loop bug triggers from time to time. You will notice on the right textbox that there is no map created with the dimensions 100x100. In this case, you need to close that browser window/tab and call the URL again in another window/tab.)

    2D Demo CapX

    - Simple Demo which shows how a Dungeon can be generated and shown on screen

    2D Live Demo

    - More advances than the downloadable .capx

    Character movement with "WASD"


    "Random Dungeon Generator" is a single action Plugin which requires an array object available in the project.



    MinRoom = the minimum amount of rooms to be created

    MaxRoom = the maximum amount of rooms to be created

    MinSize = the minimum size the whole Map needs to have

    MaxSize = the maximum size the whole Map needs to have

    MapSize = This is the width and height of the Map, this should always be bigger than MapSize in order to avoid errors

    Squash = If set to yes, an algorithm is triggerd which moves the created rooms closer to each other

    Array = You need to select an array object (the content of that array will be overwritten when the event is called


    The Array will be filled with the following information at each x/y coordinate:




    This Plugin is not completed yet (some additional functions will follow as soon I have some time to work on it).

    ehhh.. was loocking for the 3D version capx

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  • ehhh.. was loocking for the 3D version capx

    Sorry, I can't share the capx for the 3D Version. But it is mainly the same as the 2D Version, but using this Plugin for visualisation.

  • The demo isn't working for me, it shows this:


    And the page keeps on loading. Using Chrome 36.0.

  • The demo isn't working for me, it shows this:


    And the page keeps on loading. Using Chrome 36.0.

    This is the infinite loop bug as described in the first post. You need to close that window and call the URL again. Or use the 2D Demo, that bug does not happen at that example.

  • I need help on placing enemies and player over that dungeon what is the logic so i can place colectibles, player and enemies over the dungeon so that they do not overlap a wall???

    sorry for my english

  • This is such a cool plugin. Tried the 2D demo and worked just fine. I wish I could learn the logic behind it to tweak it some more.

  • feel free to have a look on gitHub alvarop

    The Source is not very difficult.

    But V3 is already in the make which is a complete redo of the whole logic.

  • Ubivis tnx...waiting for v3 ^^

  • i am waiting the v3 to test too

  • Any updates?

  • Sorry, I know there is a lack of progress right now, anyone feel free to pick up my work on continue it.

    I am currently too busy with more important things (Family), that I don't have time to continue working on it.

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