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  • Aanand

    It is possible if service provides javascript api interface, but I have no idea about "Amazon Web Services RDS database".

  • Update

    rex_backendless_xxx plugins:

    • now designer could add rex_backendless_api plugin after added other rex_backendless_xxx plugins
    • change schema of leaderboard and message plugin.
  • Update

    Add rex_backendless_files, which can

    • upload files, get a public url for downloading ( sprite action: load image from URL )
    • rename, copy, move file
    • delete file
    • listing files

    Files storage in backendless is more powerful than parse and firebase, imo.

  • Update

    Add rex_backendless_counter, which provides atomic Counters to increase or decrease value.

  • Update

    Add rex_backendless_timer to get elapsed interval.

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  • rexrainbow

    Hi Rex.

    I'm using your Backendless plugins to dev my game.

    everything seem fine, but i'm facing 2 problem that i cannot handle.

    1- When i use FB logging from Authentication, it not redirect back after user authorized.(Backendless cloud work fine, backendless standalone not redirect back)

    2- When 2nd user login to system, with the same user name, there is any solution to tell 1st user is logged out?

    I was set this option in Backendless : When a secondary login occurs, logout and notify: First user.

    But 1st user cannot receive this event.

    I tried condition:is login, on logged out, already, it not work.

    Hope you can help, thank again for a great plugins.

  • mickeyboy

    FB login

    There are 2 kind of FB login

    Method A. "Action:Login by facebook", it will pop-up a facebook login window (not redirection)

    Method B. "Action:Login by facebook SDK".

    1. login by other plugin ( for example, official FB plugin ),

    2. then call "Action:Login by facebook SDK", it will use access token to login.

    Multiple login

    In dashboard, "User" tab -> "Login" -> "Enable Multiple Logins" and set property. (I have not tested them yet.)

    If this solution does not work yet, there has another workaround, although it is a good solution.

  • rexrainbow


    Thank you for your answers.

    FB Login.

    I 'll try to use login with facebook SDK.

    Multiple login :

    I don't want multiple login, so i was disable Multiple logins in dashboard.

    When user login again, the 1st session is logout(token no longer valid). But no way to detect this user is login or not.

    I want to do like this : when user login with same account in other place, notify the 1st session and move back to login layout.

    New problem :

    When using Safari this error come up. Only if using Safari(iOS, MacOS)



    Hope you can help.

    Thank you.

  • mickeyboy

    Please update rex_backendless_api plugin, new bug had been fixed. Thanks for this bug reporting.

    I will try to find another solution of checking logged out by "Multiple login".

  • rexrainbow

    Thank you for your quick response and fix.

    Login with FB SDK working fine.

    About multiple login.

    Condition: is login, is working, but when i try use "Invert" to check if use is not login, it not trigger.

    Thanks again.

  • Update

    rex_backendless_authentication: add "Action:Test session", "Condition:On get valid session", "Condition:On get invalid session".

    Call "Action:Test session" to test if current session is valid. "Condition:On get valid session" will be triggered when current session is valid, otherwise "Condition:On get invalid session" will be triggered.


    I could not find solution of receiving logged-out notification.

    I added "Action:Test session", "Condition:On get valid session", to help user tests if current session is valid. You might test session periodically (every 1 minute, for example).

  • Hi

    Thank you for your update.

    it helped me much.


  • Hi

    I was tried to condition: test session

    But "On get invalid session" never trigger.

    "On get valid session" always trigger event when session is invalid.

    Sorry to bother you so much. But only you can help.

    Thank you.

  • mickeyboy

    Test capx, run this capx with these steps

    0. set "Enable Multiple Logins" to "OFF" and chooses "When a secondary login occurs, logout and notify:" to "Second user".

    1. login, you will see it login success

    2. open another tab, paste the url in step1 to open the same page, try login in this page, you will see it login failed. Error message will show at console.

    [quote:wrdj1dwd]failed- User is already logged in from another device/computer. The application is configured to disable multiple concurrent logins with the same user credentials.

    And the session is still invalid.

    It will not work if set "When a secondary login occurs, logout and notify:" to "First user". "On get invalid session" never trigger in this case indeed. I am sorry I could not help you in session valid testing.

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