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  • Hi Colludium - I've been using Platform2 and Solid2 for the past week or two and they're working fantastic. My previous attempts at layer filtering or object-specific collision filtering weren't working out, and the new platforming has been working much better.

    One problem I'm having though is that Solid2 and Platform2 can't be enabled on the same object. I find this is a common use case - you have something that you want to be movable AND to be stood-upon, like e.g. a crate you want to use as a stepping stool.

    Because Solid2 requires the Solid behaviour to be enabled, most of what I previously had set up as JumpThroughs are now Solids with Solid2 jumpthrough mode. Meaning that anything that doesn't have Platform2 won't treat it as a jumpthrough - it'll just treat it as a solid.

    Here's an example of something I used to be able to do in my game with only one object: Use the Turtle as both a platformer and a platform.

    So far I've been using a workaround of having an invisible 'floor' object with Solid2 pin itself to the Platform2 object, setting them to not collide with each other. Do you have a better suggested method of handling this?

    Additionally, if you ever end up doing further development on Platform2, I would love to be able to reference the object being stood upon as an attribute (and even as a condition) - e.g. 'If the character is standing on a switch...' (etc). Currently I have 3 checks instead of "not overlapping at 0,0; is overlapping at 0,1; platformer sprite is considered on floor" and that would be cleaner.


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  • Hi jakefriend - I'm really pleased that you like the plugin! Sorry for the delay in responding - I'm using Unity now and don't come to these forums very much any more...

    To answer your questions:

    Platform2 and Solid2 on the same object. Unfortunately the collision filtering is not sophisticated enough to be able to do this. It would take a complete rewrite of the plugin and I don't know how successful it would be. Sorry this is not possible.

    Invisible floor - I can't think of a better way to solve that problem.

    Reference object being stood on. The events you use are the best way to check what is being stood on. I tried to edit the plugin to indicate if an object is being stood on and it would require a complete rewrite of the collision overlap routine. So, unfortunately, the conditions you're using are the most efficient way to indicate this.

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