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  • Dear Developers, I appreciate this amazing software and all the work you have done with it for making programming accessible to people like me, and I'm sure you already have a huge bucket list of features yet to be implemented, but I wanted to share a couple ideas that might be useful.

    Toggle visibility action - This comes up all the time for me. I know to make toggles with instance variables, but it seems kinda clunky and silly to always have to set a visibility boolean and have another event to check the visibility variable to set the actual visibility.

    Export to HTML - An option to output project information on the website under the "Made with Construct 2 � the HTML5 game maker" link. For example, Project Title, Author, Version Number, Description could be optionally displayed on the exported page. This would be great for displaying instructions, controls, disclaimers, credits, change logs, links and other information (Game runs best on Chrome!). It is simple enough to add it manually, but some people might not be familiar with HTML, and a dialogue within C2 would make it much more convenient for frequent updates.

    Sorry if these have been suggested before or are already on the list. Thanks again for all the great work!

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  • oosyrag

    I had made a behavior to set visible by number before.

    Use "action:set visible to 2" (toggle)

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