Fabric Js port to Construct.

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  • I have been working on porting Fabric.Js to Construct 2 i have been stuck in linking the canvas to Fabric canvas. but i got it solved by using rexrainbow Fabric.js plugin as a reference , i was happy when i found he made that plugin because i have been looking for a solution for some days.

    i have done some nice progress. ( i know he already done a fabricJS plugin but it was very basic and lack most of the features. and basic canvas features , so i had to make my own that serve my needs.

    but i was stuck again with a problem and i wish rexrainbow can help me. i used another fabricJs extension called Fabric-brush.js

    which is a small library or custom brushes the problem is , after i draw with this library in free Drawing mode i try to export my image using toDataUrl or toSVG ... all i get is the basic shapes that i drawn like rectangle but not the Brush drawing and also it gets erased from the canvas.

    please see the images on my drive to see how i implemented the function for free drawing , and screenshot of the problem.

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3inO ... ExFSldXUGs

  • warville

    I would like to make another behavior for Fabric-brush.js, get fabricCanvas from host plugin by

    this.fabricCanvas = this.inst.fabricCanvas;[/code:6ehr8ff1] under Fabric-brush behavior.
    But this suggestion might not solve your problem, I did not get enough information from your snapshot of code.
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  • rexrainbow i will upload the source files of the plugin in the same folder , i do not intend to make it as a separate behavior , i actually included the fabric-brush.js in the same plugin.

    here are the files , also note i have another problem with converting to SVG , it works when the canvas is empty but when i insert a rectangle it gives me an error , t.Match is not a function.

    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

    i also added an example capx which include most of the features i added . it wasn't for share purpose so it must be confusing , it is for me to test on the go my plugin functions.

  • warville

    Modify code like


    Sorry I don't have time to review your code deeply.

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