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  • Yes I meant that. XDK does Android applications. Did you mean Crosswalk? It works finr for me with Android Crosswalk.

  • I use Intel XDK/Crosswalk regularly to create android apps with Admob. But I want to use Admob in iOS apps builded with Intel XDX/Cordova and I don't know how to make it work.

  • Sorry, my mistake. AFAIK it should work. I'd be interested in knowing also.

  • Hi!

    nvm found out! So I decided to turn this into a noob tutorial for all the others who might get stuck.

    1. Download the AdMob FE addon. It should be a file with the ending ".c2addon"

    2. Open Construct 2

    3. Drag and drop the .c2addon into Construct 2. It will now prompt you to install it.

    4. If you approve the install, you must restart Construct 2 before the addon becomes available.

    5. Open your project. Go to the layout where you want to insert the ad.

    6. Double click anywhere on the layout. A windows shows up. The new addon is under "Frosty Elk"

    7. Go to the event sheet of the layout where the interstitial ad will show. Click "add event" and select Admob FE.

    8. "Create full screen Ad".

    4. Now read the rest of the original post.

    *Hmm... the ad won't really load. I set my app to go to the next layout once the interstitial ad loaded. But, it is stuck because it won't load. Followed all the instructions.

    I'm lost there must be an easier way to put google ads using XDK

  • You are awesome! I'm implementing this into my game now, I have been trying to get interstitial ads to work for a couple days now and was only successful in getting banner ads to work.

    UPDATE: Works perfectly on my device, thank you so much! Also, I really enjoy your game.

    I'm sooo lost how do you get ads on your game. I'm using XDK, and I'm trying to put ads on my android game.

  • Do the standard tutorial in the manual, under 'admob ads' plugin. It does work.


    1. Get an admob account (i.e. follow the 'setting up' steps in the manual, under 'Admob Ads ')

    2. Make your game

    3. Add ads to your game:

    3a. Add an Action <On start of layout> -> AdmobAds:Preload interstitial (if you want a full page ad)

    3b. Add an Action <whenever you want full page ad to appear> -> AdmobAds: Show interstitial

    3c. Add an Action <whenever you want banner ad to appear> -> AdmobAds: Show banner ad at position <whatever you choose>

    4. Put in your AdmobAds plugin properties, your Ad ID's for Banner/Interstitial. Set Test mode to Yes.

    5. Export your game from C2 (follow steps 'Exporting' in the manual)

    6. Build your game using Android Crosswalk in the XDK

    7. Download the APK from the email sent to you from the XDK

    8. Test your game by installing the APK directly

    9. Set Test mode to No; re-export/build; publish to the Play store

  • Arne Hey how do I uninstall admob FE

  • frenzyace You need to delete the plugin folder manually, I don't know of any automatic way to do it.

    As an example my plugin folder for admobfe is located here: D:\Apps\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins\admobfe

  • Arne I tried that but I can't find it.

  • Hi all, i'm trying to put admob ads in my game with crosswalk build, but i don't find a way,

    I use admob ads plugin, I make the export with manual instructions, the game runs but never shows an ad, i try with Test Mode (True/False), and Overlap (True/False).

    No way to run ok.

    any idea?

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  • I would try to make a trivial test app with an ad in test mode and see if that works.

  • I did this too, and the same problema no ads. I strart new Project, put admobads plugin, added three buttons (Banner,Intersicial,Hide), and try with Android Crosswalk export, (I see in the XDK log (admob plugin installed).

    But nothing happens. I have R190 versión of construct 2

  • Did you preload interstitial?

    Maybe you have your admob id's wrong?

  • omateos As this topic is for my plugin i just want to make sure that you are actually using the official admob in C2 and not this plugin. We are using this plugin and it works fine for C2 r190.

  • When i build my apk with intel xdk the zip i download is always corrupt?

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