Triggering condition on many instances of the same behavior

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  • I created a behavior that can be added to a given object more than once. (Of course, each instance of my behavior will have a different name in the C2 editor.)

    When triggering a condition from an action (using Runtime.trigger), it seems that the condition is triggered on all instances of my behavior. What I want to do is trigger the condition only on the behavior instance to which the action belongs. How can I do that ?

    Cnds.prototype.OnStuffChange = function (name)
    	return cr.equals_nocase(this.currentStuff, name);
    // ...
    Acts.prototype.ChangeStuff = function(name)
            this.currentStuff = name;
            // this is triggered on all instances of "MyBehavior", not only on "this"
            this.runtime.trigger(cr.behaviors.MyBehavior.prototype.cnds.OnStuffChange , this.inst);
    I'm just getting started creating behaviors. I thought about saving an "activeInstanceName" globally and compare it with in conditions. But that seems to be too much work for something this simple.
  • Because all instances had been selected in event sheet. You might check the SOL when calling this action.

  • If we were talking about plugins, I would completely agree with you. But in my case I'm working with a behavior that has many instances in the same object.

    Quite frankly I'm not very sure how SOL for behavior instances work, how can you "select" a behavior instance in the event sheet ? The manual is not very clear on this subject.

  • Zed2100

    Uh, yes, all conditions of this behavior will be triggered. You could add a flag to check which behavior instance need to be executed.

    this.my_call = true;

    this.runtime.trigger(cr.behaviors.MyBehavior.prototype.cnds.OnStuffChange , this.inst);

    this.my_call = false;


    Cnds.prototype.OnStuffChange = function ()


    return this.my_call;


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  • I was hoping for a built-in feature in the sdk that handles behavior instance picking.

    My solution was to store a global variable "currentBehaviorInstanceName" inside the behavior's closure and set it to "" before triggering a condition, then checking if the variable is equal to "" inside the condition.

    I think your solution is better, using a boolean is much simpler, plus, I try to avoid global variables as much as possible.


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