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  • Hello,

    What's the minimal code to put in the runtime drawing function of a plugin:

    instanceProto.draw = function(ctx, glmode){}

    and in instanceProto.drawGL = function(glw){}

    To draw nothing.

    If I put nothing, I get error messages.

    Does any of you guys have an example ?

    I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  • I have several plugins that do this:

    	// only called if a layout object - draw to a canvas 2D context
    	instanceProto.draw = function(ctx)
    	// only called if a layout object in WebGL mode - draw to the WebGL context
    	// 'glw' is not a WebGL context, it's a wrapper - you can find its methods in GLWrap.js in the install
    	// directory or just copy what other plugins do.
    	instanceProto.drawGL = function (glw)
  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    That's what I did, but I got a message error:

  • What does your GetPluginSettings section from the edittime.js look like. Sounds like a mismatch.

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  • It looks like this:

    function GetPluginSettings()
    	return {
    		"name":			"ListModel",
    		"id":			"aekiro_listmodel",
    		"version":		"1.0",            
    		"description":	"Stores and manipulate an Array of simple non-nested hashtables (aka dictionnaries).To be used as a model for a listview for example.",
    		"author":		"AekiroStudio",
    		"help url":		"",
    		"category":		"Data & Storage",
    		"type":			"world",
    		"rotatable":	false,
    		"flags":		0
    I also tried the flag:  pf_position_aces | pf_size_aces | pf_angle_aces | pf_appearance_aces | pf_zorder_aces | pf_effects 
    but I still get the same error.
    Btw, I know that ("type" : object) is more appropriate for a data structure, but I went with  ("type" : world) because I need to be able to create, in the editor, multiple instances (by copy/paste) of a same type. you can't do that with a plugin of type "object" like an array, you can only clone it, which create a new type. I hope I was clear.
  • I don't know. There's not enough here to go on. Can you post the plugin? One of my data-only plugins is here:

    Edit: I think you do need 'object'

    Edit: you can call Create, to create new instances of 'object'

  • Yeah, I think I just need to go with the "object" type and let the user know that they need to programmatically create the instance.

    Thanks so much for your time.

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