Can you establish dependencies between plugins?

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  • I'm using the websocket plugin to communicate with a remote server. This plugin is nice, but somewhat "raw", so I've done a Communicator object (An invisible sprite with some function names as instance variables) that handles the websocket events easily, for my purposes.

    It works fine, but copying to a new project is annoying. I'm thinking of doing a plugin using the sdk, but it needs the websocket plugin (unless i copy all the code which don't seem to be a good idea). So, i would like the IDE to tell me that, in order to use my Communicator plugin, I need the websocket plugin included (Preferably with a clear message).

    Is it possible ?

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  • nosemeocurrenada

    The IDE will not tell user the dependence between plugins.

    Actions, expressions, some conditions could be called by other plugin, but the trigger type condition could not. And you will need this kind of condition in your IO-type plugin, so the only way is to copy and modified the code in websocket plugin.

    Or, you could only made a plugin to process the message you had received.

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