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  • Theres a few things i'd like to know about the edittime.

    1. is there a way to find the current scroll/view position in edittime

    2. how do you refer to the position/angle of an instance (im averaging the corners of the bounding quad atm, but there must be some direct way to refer to the position/angle of an object to lets say draw stuff in the editor without needing to find it from the quad)

    3. Is there any file i can look at to find information on available edittime functions/properties? or is it all hard-coded into the exe, the sdk documentation is pretty lacking.

  • Using this:

    function dir(object)
        methods = [];
        for (z in object) {
        return methods.join(', ');
    I was able to see all the members of cr, instance and renderer.
    plugins_, behaviors, logexport, seal, freeze, is_undefined, is_number, is_string, isPOT, nextHighestPowerOfTwo, abs, max, min, PI, round, floor, ceil, vector2, segments_intersect, rect, quad, RGB, GetRValue, GetGValue, GetBValue, shallowCopy, arrayRemove, shallowAssignArray, appendArray, arrayFindRemove, clamp, to_radians, to_degrees, clamp_angle_degrees, clamp_angle, to_clamped_degrees, to_clamped_radians, angleTo, angleDiff, angleRotate, angleClockwise, rotatePtAround, distanceTo, xor, lerp, unlerp, anglelerp, qarp, cubic, cosp, hasAnyOwnProperty, wipe, performance_now, ObjectSet, KahanAdder, regexp_escape, CollisionPoly, SparseGrid, GridCell, effectToCompositeOp, setGLBlend, round6dp, equals_nocase, Property, Parameter, Condition, Action, Expression, FontInfo, ParseFontString
    SetPosition, SetSize, GetSize, GetLayoutSize, SetHotspot, GetBoundingRect, GetBoundingQuad, EditTexture, GetTexture, GetOpacity, GetAngle, DrawTilemap
    Quad, Line, Line3D, Fill, Outline, CreateFont, ReleaseFont, LoadTexture, SetTexture, ReleaseTexture, EnableTiling, SupportsFullSmoothEdges
    1. Not that I could find.  Possibly there may be another global namespace, but since there isn't any plugins that use such a  thing it probably doesn't exist.
    2. Looks like there's a setPosition() but no getPosition(), so I guess averaging the corners it the only way currently.  There is a getAngle() though.
    3. See list above, other than that the following js files are used at edittime:
    Other than that you possibly could open C2 in a hex editor and find a list of js names, but I don't imagine you'd find many more.
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  • awesome thanks!

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