Create addon to mass import sprite sheets : how to ?

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  • Hi all,

    I have a game with around 35 characters and all characters have the same 15 animations.

    I created one folder per character with its name and created one sprite sheet per animation with the corresponding animation name.

    I was wondering if there would be any way to create a script to automatically update the 15 animations of the 35 characters since the task is quite repetitive and long.

    I'm familiar with Javascript but not with Construct 2 SDK. So is it possible to create a script for such a task and which objects and methods will I need ?

    Best regards

  • Not really, unless you piggy back onto the Spriter plug.

    This is more of a C3 expectation.

    Otherwise you could simply create a csv, or xml string to load via url.

    That would probably take as long to implement as it would to just load each frame.

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  • Indeed, after reading the SDK documentation a little more, it appears to be used only to extends plugins, behaviors and effects. Nothing for creating automation for repetitive tasks.

    Maybe in Construct 3 then !

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