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  • Making a zombie defense game for my Game Development class

    Ran into a few problems that im still constantly trying to work out but can't quite figure out with Construct 2.

    Problems thus far:

    If you hit R multiple times while reloading, it will reload, and if you fire immediately after itll reload immediately. I have a boolean set so the action so it shouldn't be doubled by pressing R again, but maybe my logic is flawed.

    I was able to get the zombies to stop and attack the barricade properly if they collide with it, but they'll go through the brick wall because I don't know how to handle them colliding with it. I had the idea that entry points should have way points that zombies travel to first before going for the player, but Idk if someone can give me a better idea.

    Is there a way to stop the zombies movement from pushing the survivor without getting rid of their solid behavior? If they aren't solid they just mesh on top of the survivor but if it is on they push the survivor back. This leads into my next problem

    When the zombies attack the Survivor they're arms closing for their attack animation throws the survivor back and I'm not sure how to check if the attack was a good one or if the survivor may have jumped out of range before the animation finished. If i solved my pushing problem maybe that would solve this problem, any other ideas would be appreciated.

    Is there a way to stop my bullets from hitting multiple zombies if they are overlapping a bit? and only causing damage to one?

    I have the barricade repairs working with an invisible detection box, but I'm wondering if theres a better way to associate a box with its respective barricade besides the use of an ID? Maybe let me know if there is a really clean way of doing the ID process.

    I'll probably update this and the .capx file as I work on it, I'm pretty new to Construct 2 and most tutorials I find are for Classic, so any help would be appreciated thank you all :).

    Another thing I noted is that sometimes zombies randomly disappear when attack the barricade o.o


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