Yes How do a "Variable Jumpstrenght" (for advanced user)

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  • Guys !

    seriously, thanks in advance for your help and your time on this case !

    my need is simple,

    1 - When i touch or left click, i want the player jump with a maximum jumpstrenght value "done, easy"

    2 - Now the question is , i want on "any touch end" to stop the jump and keep a natural Vector Y curved line.

    i don't want to set the vector Y to 0 as it's look not natural.

    Any one Constructor have an idea ?

  • you could try

    on any touch end setting player platform vector Y to player.Platform.VectorY/2 ?

  • I didn't get the latest beta release yet, so I couldn't open the attached example.

    You can achieve a variable jump strength by adding a variable that stands for the minimal strength (vector Y). That would be a negative value. Your max jump strength would be defined through the property of the platform behavior (I'm assuming you are using the platform behavior here).

    Now compare the current vector Y to be smaller than that variable while the jump control is NOT active (key is NOT down or whatever). In that case, set the vector Y to the variable.

  • RamPackWobble, first at all thanks for your time, it's funny but sometime simple thing are always the best, so even if it's not 100% accurate with what i have in mind when i said a natural Vector Y curved line, at least , if i'm not in position to do what i wish , i will use this technic, so one more time thanks for your time and you're help ! Today i will post some others question maybe you will be able to help me too

    see you !

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  • PixelRebirth, thanks for the time too you've took to trying to help me ! i'm currently trying also what you've mentioned ! and i would say at least you remind me that yes we can compare the Vector Y ! also yes i'm using the Platform Behavior, i will keep you updated soon , but thanks again too !

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