How do I write to excel and have images

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  • R0J0hound

    Had a play around and think I could get this working. Unluckily for me it would mean re-writing quite a bit of my program to get working. Also my current program loads in a pre-made .xml file and does a 'replace' of certain headings / values. It actually works really well as it keeps heading formatting (Colours / fonts etc..)

    It just lacked the ability to save as a proper excel file / support pictures. Maybe I can 'merge' the two ideas together so I can load up a pre made .xlsx file and update the text in certain places / append a photo.

    I've attached an example capx below which shows very simply how my app runs. (Two files in the project, the xml file which is used and works and an xlsx file which I have been unable to get working which contains a shape as a picture reference). ... WRXZEhqeUE


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  • That's more than I'm willing to help with. The library I used can't load excel files, but it's the only one I found that can add images.

    Anyways I guess a way to do it would be to take the xml file, do your replacements, then use the xml plugin to access all the data in it. Finally it's a matter of transferring it all over to a format the excel js library can use to create the file. At a glance it should support all the features you need but maybe not. It'll be a lot of digging to get it working either way.

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