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  • Hello World,

    So I plan on making my game fremium, supported by ads but I olso want to give people who hate ads the option to just pay a small sum(IAP) and then the ads are removed for them. Now as some/most of you know that comes with certain limitations: a) If the player uninstalls the game and then reinstalls it at a later date he has to pay again; b) If the player installs the game on another device he has to pay again to get rid of ads for that device.

    So I was thinking that instead of the customer getting an item or something when he uses IAP that he then activates to remove ads(this option would have the above limitations), he will get a personal key(similar to a cd key or a steam key) that he can activate.

    So I would then have an event when the player inserts the key the event compares it to a bunch of keys stored in an array maybe or dictionary(would any of those 2 be appropiate for this?). If the key matches any of the stored keys the event sets a global variable from 0 to 1. As long as that variable is 1 no ads will be displayed.

    That way it won't matter how many times he reinstalls the game or on how many devices he installs it, he can just insert the key again after each install and activate non-ads.

    That seems like it would get the job done, or am I missing something? And yeah, I know some people might be as***les and put their keys on the net so everyone can remove the ads, but I got to have faith that most people will be decent consumers. If not then I just won't use this system in any future games.

    So, please share your thoughts guys, thank you.

    LE. This would olso be very important to me because I plan to kickstart the game, and I don't want the backers to be like "I payed you money in advance, and now I have to put up with ads too?!" They would get a key right from the start.

  • Bump. Anyone?

  • well to do that you may need the personal edition or business edition and the monetisation IAP object, as for ads i do not ever see a object type for that listed any where that you can create, so you may need to use database and sprite objects to record purchases for users and destroy the add sprite once the value of the variable(payed4) in the database is eqaul to 1, else set to 0 and exit the event.

  • I created a couple of BBS doors back in the old days and wrote a key generation into my program that used the persons name to create the key. The user would be provided with a field to type their name and then their "key" I sent by mail after getting it from my program. If the two matched the game was unlocked for them.

    Time machine back to the internet era... without putting too much thought on this.. you "might" be able to do something like this to in construct2 and email the unlock code to subscribers who then can unlock their non-advertising versions via their name. Then the dishonest would also have to put their names online with their code.

    In mine each letter was given a value and their name turned into a number series, the series was then added too and subtracted from based on the date they registered ( I forget my evil genius scheme) and the game would sort it out and unlock if the name and number I provided matched the internal calculations. It was pretty cheesy but I never once saw an unregistered version out of the hundreds sold.

  • In the end, thanks to some much needed help from rexrainbow I got it working. Here is his example capx, in case someone else should one day need it. Maybe this should be added to the How do I FAQ Ashley ?

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/l704gvyeaewwq ... .capx?dl=0

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  • VIKINGS - just use 'restore purchases' to bring back purchases lost by reinstalling/moving to different device.

  • Ashley WHAT, there's a restore purchases function?!?! Does that mean all that work was for nothing?:(

  • Um, yes... that's exactly what the 'restore' action is for!

  • Ashley Well, that's assuming it actually works, I did some research after you told me about it and it seems that a lot of people are having problems with it on cocoonjs. It olso looks like ludei knows about the problem and is working on it, but the last post I was able to find from them is from Jul 30 and it states "We are updating the plugin and doing some testing, we'll publish it soon."

    Olso, does phonegap have a similar function, since in one of your latest blog posts you're advising us to switch to phonegap because of iOS 8.0?

  • Well, we don't officially support CocoonJS any more (in part because of bugs they never fix, surprise surprise). So of the officially supported platforms, the restore action should work.

  • Ashley Looool. K, I'll give it a bash then when I get to that part, but I'm still gonna keep my other idea just as an "in case". Thank you for your help.

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