How do I make it work again?

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  • Yes, if you want to display either a text or sprites and not repeating, this could be complicated.

    Here is again the easy way - make several instances of a sprite with hints, keep them off-screen. Display one, then destroy it (with Fade behavior). ... .capx?dl=0

  • Okay. I won't complicate you then. I will stick with the fading out hint.

    Another thing. Is there any other way like hit the hint button, it shows the hint. Hit the hint for the second time, it shows the English letters?

    Or will that be complicated too? Look at my updated .capx to know what I meant

  • What if you hit it 3rd time, 4th time?

    I suggest that instead of a separate romanize1 sprite you move English letters to the Letters1 sprite.

    Put them into each animation as a second frame.

    So for example "se" animation will have Japanese character in frame #0 and English letters "se" in frame #1. Also set animation speed to 0.

    When showing hint, change Letters1 animation frame to 1, wait 5 seconds, set to 0 again.

  • Its kind of like what I'm doing right now on my project. Instead of putting it on the second frame, I put it as opacity.

    But is it possible if it like take turn of showing hints and English letters? I don't it to show them at the same time.

  • What I'm saying is it's better to have English letters as a second frame, not as a separate sprite with 0 opacity.

    When you've put a few letters on the board (on Sprite133) and then press Hint, currently your English letters still appear on the bottom of the screen.

    Also during 5 seconds while English letters are displayed, if you try to drag one the letters, it looks terrrible.

    With the second frame you will not have these issues.

    To show hints and English letters in turns, create a variable HintType=1 (global or instance).

    On Tap gesture on LetterHint
       HintType equals 1 -> Set HintType=2
                         -> (show Hint sprite)
       Else           -> Set HintType=1
                      -> (show English letters)
  • [quote:93kxtoj1]Else -> Set HintType=1

    -> (show English letters)

    For this one, I tried, and preview. It turn to English letter on start of layout. And I haven't even tapped the hint button

  • Did you move English letters to the second frame of Letters sprite?

    If letters are changing to English on start of the layout, you probably forgot to set animation speed to 0. You need to do this for each animation.

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  • Thank you dop2000

    I think mostly of the game part is complete. All is that left is for the RPG style layout.

    Thank you!!

  • Hi... I'm back again and I'm facing another problem about the hints.. Here it goes...

    On the first tap of hint button, it shows the first hint, "Buying books"

    Second tap, shows second hint, "test1"

    Third tap, show third hint, "test2"

    Fourth tap, put one of the letter sprites to one of the grey boxes

    I tried and come to no avail because I set the letter sprite to go to the first grey box, but it moved to the third grey box.. Is it possible to do so?

    Here is the latest .capx

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