that I can make it work admob ?

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  • If I use the plugin ¨¨ the game works properly but ads do not go , if I use ¨¨ I get the following error

  • I used the admob plugin by Frosty Elk (search for it). It works for me both with banners and fullscreen ads.

  • you mean this : com.rjfun.cordova.plugin.admob

  • In my last post I said that it worked, but only interstitial did and not banner ads, which is weird since if one works then other should function as well. Turns out banner does work too, but has problems showing up in the app. When I open the app on Android I actually see the banner ad for a split second before the game fully draws the display and the ad disappears. I have it show to (Top Center/Smart banner) but I guess that doesn't work quite right.

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  • NocArt that you used your plugin ? I just want the interstitial ad to show , but I can not

  • Hi Marto, I know how you feel at the moment. I ran in exactly the same problem from last weekend till today. If you or anyone got the solution for this, please share with me. Many thnx.

  • Marto

    I still haven't heard where you got the information that "" isn't working..

    Some people seem to have made it work using exactly that..

    Could the issue lie inside your event-sheet?

    Might it not be the plugin's fault?

    At what time are you creating the ads and using what event/condition?

  • I've gotten it to work !!!

    I just introduced the interstitial AdMob ID because I only want them to look interstitial , but tired of trying different ways and not achieve anything with banner and also try to place the two seems to work, but slow to leave between 5 and 12s

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