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  • Hi guys =]

    I`ve been working with construct for quite some time, since construct 1 , and I decided to make a game based on 1994 SNES game "Wild Guns" . It was one of my favorites and i really want to make a modern version of it. I'm pretty good with artwork but my programming isn't that good.

    So i was trying to recreate the basic mechanics in the game, and it became a huge problem when i tried to limit the jumping controls the way it was in the game.

    The jumping in this kind of game is different. You don`t really controll your character in the air, only when you jump. Here, play some Wild Guns to see what i mean :

    Wild Guns :

    Play Wild Guns

    ( in this link you can play it online )

    Anyway, if i can get any tips on how to reproduce that jumping mechanics, i would really appreciate it =]

    I would put a link to the .Capx here, but...i didn't actually manage to do anything remotely similar to what i'm trying to achieve. I wasn't able to change the platform jump in any way that would be useful to anyone who tries to help me =/

    Thanks a lot for the help =D

  • You did post the capx...the link you posted wasn't the game, it was the capx

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  • I never played that game but it looks amazingly fun. The jump u mean roll to a side? If you mean by simple jump, try increasing the gravity and the jump strength.The player roll action should be able to perform through animations. One more thing, does the crosshair scroll with the player move? It's pretty hard to aim and move at the same time D: Unless you split it to different keys. I don't know, never played it. Hope you can bring back other people's childhood memories.

    *btw, I like the bullets how they fire and disappear.

  • God, i did posted the .capx ... my bad, the link is fixed now and will take you to the game,thanks a lot for the heads up =]

    And i'm not talking about the roll, it's the actual jump. Now that the link is there, play the game a little bit so you can get the feeling of the jump. You will notice that you can't control the jump once you decided it's direction. Unlike platformers , where you can freely move in the air, in this game you only decide the jump's direction when starting the jump, then you'll only regain control once you get back on the floor or perform a double-jump.

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