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  • Hi

    Anyone online who could help with saving level progress as well as a pause function

    I have tried many tuts and examples etc but still just can't get it

    Also. I tested it on ipad2 and all other things work well except for sound. On web there is sound but not on device. I used AppMobi to build project.



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  • I can load or send my capx as soon as someone is willing to help


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  • WebStorage might seem a little weird but it's actually quite simple. You should really just post your capx (create a separate one for testing this function if you're worried about people nabbing your files) without requiring someone nominate themselves as your helper.

    The issue here is that you say you've done the tutorials but still don't understand it? How far have you managed to get; where are you getting stuck? It's difficult to offer the right help if your request is too broad.

  • Hi

    I think my first project got a little out of hand and way to big for me to handle. So this in itself is making it difficult for me to figure out how to apply the tutorials and examples in this specific project.

    Same with the pause function. I have tried many different timer plugins but when trying to implement on the game I get lost.

    I will pm you a link to my capx

    Please let me know if you have any advise or if you can see where I'm doing something wrong - relating to the pause, save or any other functions


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