Website asking to store data for offline use?

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  • Website asking to store data for offline use?

    my game has a timer and a score that keeps going till end is this probably why.

    each level you gather things for points that carry over as global variable to next level. and the time resets every level. I didn't use system time just the ticker thing.

    cmon this is so rediculous why is my simple 5 object game doing this.?


    ive got my game sorta on Kongregate just wont work because of thos dumb error. Tryed every web browser and just get a black screen.

    It works on local netwrok preview?

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  • WTF

    i'm starting to get mad here I just figured out even my other game I'm working on does the dsame thing it's got to be R81 Cmon?

    tryed rolling back and it wont let me load any game saved in R81

    SO R81 has broke all of my games SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I got the same thing on firefox today (no problem with Chrome).

    All I set into my project was my very own Plugin (no data saved) and a text field, nothing more.

    But I never updated to R81 yet!

  • Yeah its a problem with R81

    and the fix isn't working for me


    I got it working with the fix

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