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  • Let's say I have some pipe objects connected to one another. The first pipe starts an animation of water flowing through it and when the animation finishes, it freezes at the last frame and sends a "message" to the next pipe to start playing the same animation, so that I get a nice effect of water flowing through all the pipes. The standard time-dependent 'wait' event isn't the answer here, obviously. So my question is: How to set 'a wait' for an animation to finish playing? I tried several ways, but none of them worked.

  • kind of image point that they all have. in the beginning and the end of the animation. The start point is at the top of the object and on the last frame you move it to the bottom. If that frame intersects then start the animation of the pipe where it intersects.

  • Have you tried using 'on animation finished' condition?

  • With the 'on animation finished' condition you can do that. I use 'on animation finished' and 'on animation frame' for logic to have animations transition and to spawn damage boxes.

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  • ... I tried several ways, but none of them worked.

    Could you specify what ways have you tried? It shouldn't be hard using 'on animation finished'.

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