Videos won't show up when previewing with NW.js

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  • Hi Guys

    Weird Problem here, i got an interactive Display i'm making with C2 and when i preview the Project with Chrome the Videos are getting shown without a Problem. When i preview with NW.js however, the videos won't show up. They're regular .mp4 files with h.264 compression.

    I would use a normal HTML 5 Export but the Display and it's computer won't have Internet Access at the fare where it'll be running.

    Any ideas? Thanks!



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  • NW.js Documentation


    Due to the license issue, the prebuilt binaries of NW.js doesn’t support proprietary codecs, like H.264. ..

    So you can’t play MP3/MP4 with <audio> and <video> tags with prebuilt NW.js. ...

    so .. you need to convert .mp4 to .webm or .ogv

    another "solution" can replace NW.js ffmpeg.dll file..but

    [quote:3g08fi89]Using MP3 and H.264 codecs requires you to pay attention to the patent royalties and the license of the source code. Consult a lawyer if you do not understand the licensing constraints and using patented media formats in your application..


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