Using "set mirrored" with Spriter ojects

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  • Hi PSI, I finally got your capx working properly on my system...sorry about the delay. I see the problem as you described it and will try to fix it tomorrow.

    In the mean-time, why don't you simply compare the x position of the enemies to the player they are chasing, and mirror or not depending on if the player is to the right or left of the enemy? That would be way ther a diference in the behaviour of the enemy that you are after that would make this not a valid solution?


    Mike at BrashMonkey

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  • Hi again Psi,

    I've tried every variant I can imagine and all lead to the same proble, so I'm convinced there's an actual bug when comparing bullet.angle of motion of Spriter objects...I'll see what Edgar things tomorrow or monday...

    In the mean-time, I've emailed you a tweaked version of your capx which creates the behavior you're after (i think) simply by comparing the x position of the enemies relative to the player and flipping accordingly.


    Mike at BrashMonkey

  • Thanks Mike! I appreciate you taking your time to help me out. Glad I chose Spriter for my animation program!

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