Using particles on mobile is unreal?

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  • Hello everyone! I'm trying to create the mobile game for IOS and a sufficient part of gameplay is on the picture.

    On Iphone 4 I have 17 fps on this scene, on Iphone 5 it is always between 55-60 fps (i am using cocoonjs)

    I'm not a programmer, so I don't understand most of things you know and I have some questions.

    The first is about Ejecta. Right now I don't have possibilities to test it so if for example I have 17 fps can it be ~30-40 on ejecta or not?

    The second is about particles(fire). Fire is a very sufficient part in my game, so it is very painful to reject it. Is there another, more optimised way to implement it in a mobile game?

    And the last is from general knowledge. Is it a normal situation that I have now 20 mb memory use (I am using 4 tiled backgounds, ~ 10 sprites, 151 event?

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  • Particles are already more efficient than sprites. The best way to make it even faster is use as few particles as possible. Using an image with say 3 particles drawn on it can help you reduce the particle count while keeping a similar appearance.

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