Using Back button on phone to exit game via Crosswalk?

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  • Ashley, rayray, thanks for your reply. i am implementing the above scenario using crosswalk android export. However, when press the device back button on main menu to close the app White screen flashes before exiting the app.

    i tried closing normal chrome browser its exits normally.

    Please let me know if you can provide any additional information.



  • cooltaby Yeah i had the issue as well, i mentioned on here that i tried several times and kept getting that white screen. To be honest all i did was restart my phone and it started working fine without the white screen.

    That's all i can recommend as thats what did it for me, sorry i can't provided anything else to help you out.

    Hopefully this will work for you.

  • rayray thanks for the info, i have a set of 30 Android devices and latest iOS devices on which i am checking the app compatibility. i faced white screen issue on all Android devices. its good that we dont have any guideline on iOS for quite button as they recommend to quit app by app switcher only...

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  • hi guys, if there's something new about this issue? I just faced the same problem. The "Exit" from browser button works perfect on created by Cocoonjs apk, and make white screen splash on Intel XDK... Are there someone who overcame this?

  • can u post your game in c2 files? or simple game for exit button

    i have same troubel about exit button.

    can you hep me sir

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