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  • 1. I see that r190 can't export to Scirra Arcade, but here's the thing. Is there any special format behind the zipped file to be sent to Scirra Arcade? Can I export my project as a HTML5 Website, zip it, and upload?

    Note that I know I could just update r190 to the latest version for this, but I do not wish to do so right now, as the game is in the stable state in r190. If I update to the latest version, I will need to triple check everything is working correctly and validly once again, and I do not have the luxury of time right now.

    2. Is there a size limit for uploading to Scirra Arcade?

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  • I THINK that projects need to be exported to the Scirra Arcade format, or at least it will be far easier and far faster to get it working if you do so.

    Also unless your project is using physics or local storage, very few behaviours and such have been changed, so you may seriously want to consider updating.

  • I got answer for no. 2:

    The maximum file size for uploading to Scirra Arcade as of now is 47.68 MB only.

    Newgrounds offers up to 250 MB for zipped HTML5. I hope Scirra Arcade will increase this limit in the near future. Right now, roughly 60-70% of my zip are pretty much from those ogg files.

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