upgrading construct 2 from 146to158.2 Dropped FPS

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  • Hello..

    I just upgraded construct2 from 146 to 158.2.After Upgrading experiencing super drop in FPS like around 18 to 7.

    We have an another project in which a layout with 2 simple static buttons used to come around 27 FPS now it dropped to 7.

    I want to know any one facing the same issue?

    Can any one help me?

    Thank You! :)

  • Has anyone tested on Blackberry 10.1 / 10.2's browsers?

    I also seem to have the same problem... too low fps on BB device.

    Even after making the build.


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  • Tested the same on Windows phone with IE 11 as a LAN preview.

    Gives ~40 fps!

    Then tested on Nexus 5, chrome, gives 11 fps!!!

    Nexus 7, chrome, gives 15 fps!

    Guys, this is something.

    Both Blackberry and Android platform's default browsers are running the game slower than IE on Windows 8 phone!

    Must be something serious here... Ashley help please :)

  • Ok,

    after some testing, here's a bit of improvement (or actually good improvement) from 5 fps to ~17 fps

    Go to your project settings,

    Set "fullscreen scaling" to "Low Quality"

    Set "Use High dpi display" to "No"

    and then try exporting the project.

    Tested on BB z10.. this improves fps... then again, the quality of the art is pixel-ed a bit.

    Hope this helps someone!

  • Ok, here's much better solution.

    Set back "fullscreen scaling" to "High Quality"

    and "Use High dpi display" to "Yes"


    "Enable WebGL" to "OFF"

    You'd get a nice quality on images and a good fps.

    I think with that WebGL option, even if the browser supports canvas2d, the engine is forcing rendering with webgl and hence is slow.

    Turning it off, takes canvas2d.. I am getting a 55-58 fps now.

    Yet to test if it works great after exporting.

    Anyone try the same for Android phones?

  • WebGL rendering usually significantly improves performance, so I really wouldn't recommend that. If you get worse performance post a .capx and I can profile it to see if something has changed, but without that there's nothing I can do.

  • My game runs at 60fps on my Mac until it is full screen and then only 30fps!?

  • Hey Scirra forums

    Sorry for reviving an old thread.

    I've been having trouble with WebGL regarding web browsers and exporting.

    Currently I'm only exporting onto android devices.

    The problem I'm having is my game runs incredibly slowly (5-10 frames) when run from APK on Android.

    I've tried disabling WebGL and it causes the game to run perfectly, apart from not using effects and other things that WebGL should bring. These effects are compulsory to the games visual feel.

    I'm exporting using the Mobile, Cordova option. Importing it into Intel XDK and then building it using Cordova Crosswalk.

    When I play the game from Google Chrome, when exported using the html5 option and hosted from my own server at a web server, the results are the same.

    Strangely, when I run the game (from the same device) in Mozilla Firefox, it runs fairly quickly with WebGL, but it lags heavy for the first few seconds.

    I have tested on IOS using this same link, and had mostly no problems.

    I have heard that Google Chrome and Crosswalk are connected so it maybe an issue with them, but I'm not experienced with java or htlm5 coding, only with Construct2's drag and drop code style, and don't understand why or how this could be true.

    This is the tutorial I've been using to export and build the game, https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/809/ho ... alk?page=7. As far as I can tell the steps are still relevant but the end result doesn't appear to be the same.

    Ultimately I need some help understanding why this problem happens.

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