How do I update/change values in webstorage

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  • Hello,

    I have recently started making a game using construct2 but i found a big problem i can't manage to fix.

    I have global variable "Deaths" and Webstorage that stores the value for it.

    When the player dies (gets destroyed) Deaths get increased by 1 and Webstorage gets updated.

    My problem is that after first death the value doesnt want to get updated in any way and i cant seem to find the cause of problem

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  • I see what you did in that but unfortunately that doesn't solve my problem.

    So when i die for the first time, the value gets updated just fine but if i die again the value stays the same ;/

    Here are all the screens that use the WebStorage:

  • on Start of layout set Variable to WebStorage

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  • I added that function but the problem is still the same :<

    First deaths adds 1 to deaths but another deaths doesnt do anything and the counter stays at the same value

    I would attach a capx file but unfortunately i can't post links and the file is too big to use the attachment option

    This is the part responsible for loading the game (when player dies you have to press R to restart/load the game):

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