How do I ... Trigger a simple animation.

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  • This may sound basic, and I thought it was, but it's driving me mad to find a solution.

    I'm new on constructor2, and I'm a learning a lot on youtube and this page, but I can't find the way to make what I want.

    The thing is that I have a player character that can fly in a platform game, so it has the 8directions behavior. The character is wasting energy and in the moment it gets to zero it's suposed to fall and die.

    So I used a variable (GreenLife) and On every X seconds (2) I susstract 1 from it.

    When the variable gets to 0 it should set the animation for the character shutting off.

    So this is what I made:

    The problem is that when the animation is triggered it gets stucked in the first frame, and nothing else is played...

    Any solution or advise? please?


  • Does the variable drop below 0 and keep subtracting? Are there any other animations set to play for that object?

  • Yes, it keeps substracting... How do I stop it?

    And yes, the sprite has other anymations but they shouldn't be running in that momment.

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  • You didn't show enough events really so it's just guessing but maybe they are running at the same time. If two of the animation events are true and it tries to play both then it would appear like a frozen animation as you're describing. Better make sure only one event can be true.

  • T'll check that. I'm thinking that that's probably the problem.


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