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  • i have a backround

    i have a sprite

    i have a target anim gif sprite

    all of which are of high quality and ready to go...

    BUT,all the tutorials i have viewed totaly suck, it is assumed you understand the programme 30 seconds after clicking install.

    i cannot find, how to make your target move across the screen?

    if there is mention of it then its disguised in unfamiliar jargon,

    you click on your sprite to give him instructions to find they make no sense?

    :'( basic commands.............

    i am proficient in illustrator, photoshop, & music editing software etc... all of which can be picked up with trial and error as you stumble along even as total beginner, anyone know of some dumbed down tutorial i can actually understand as i am now at the point of headbutting the keyboard!

    many thx

  • I would recommend the

    Beginners guide to construct

    It tells you the basics of working with construct2 and actually assumes you have never worked with the program.

    It might not be the game you'd like to make but you will learn how to work with behaviours and events.

  • BUT,all the tutorials i have viewed totaly suck,

    Thats your problem right there really, you think it sucks !!

    I am betting it is just your imagination.

    Perhaps if you take the time to actually do the beginners guide, you will understand a lot more :)

    edit: littleninjad <img src="smileys/smiley3.gif" border="0" align="middle">

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  • You have to think a little more on the computer side, at least a little.

    The target is supposed to move how ? Is it more some kind of bullet movement ? a drag and drop movement ?

    If you go create an event on the sprite -> on collision with target, you can have an action doing whatever you then want.

    The logic of the program is quite simple if you try and separate what you need in more simple steps.

    The first tutorial you should read here is the beginner's guide. But don't just go over it, try to understand the logic, else you won't be able to adapt it in your case.

    You can find examples with script explained if you create a new project and select a template too. It's a working micro game, made to be used as base for projects.

    Edit : got beat to it.

  • well i view the youtube howto's which bounce me along a lot quicker normally for me and what i viewed was advanced and frustrating lol. yup reading the tutorials is probably best but without glazing over and drifting into daydream world loosing the will to live will be a challenge.

  • After doing the beginners tutorial, the youtube ones that are around will be a lot easier to understand..

  • bogus33

    Nothing is for nothing <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • i understand hard work, but the tutorial you pointed out... theres a snag, the images seem to be missing :'(


  • -,-

    right click example images, save as .....

  • Um, yeah the "gif" part could be an issue.

  • show images worked.

    thx peeps.

    my anims are saved as clear cell gifs? will this be a problem?

    i have all individual images, but saving them in image ready for me is faster.

    example (walking sprite - exploding sprite etc)

  • png32 is the way to go with construct 2.

  • thx guys..

    having trouble with my shoot delay function, to allow time between bullets.

    i have set my bullet with an instance variable of fire to value 0 and created a event group called shoot which contains my shoot command.

    on click-player spawn-bullet

    bullet set fire=1

    bullet=1-sys-deactivate group shoot

    sys-wait x seconds

    bullet-set fire=0

    bullet =0-sys activate group shoot

    this doesnt seem to add any shoot delay to my game almost as if command is being ignored, hope it sounds clear,


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