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  • Im currently making a tower defense game. In this game the enemies are using the bullet behavior for movement. whenever they hit a corner, there is a position marker telling it to change direction. This has allowed me to have my enemies move throughout my map. The enemies also spawn a weaker version when it dies. So when a level 2 enemy dies, I destroy the level 2 object, and create a level 1 enemy in its place. However when it recreates the level 1 enemy, the bullet behavior cause it to move in the original direction of the bullet. I need to make it so that the level 1 enemy finds the angle of motion from the level 2 enemy that was just destroyed so the level 1 enemy can continue down the path. Can someone please tell me how to do this?

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  • So you have something like this:

    Enemy2 spawn Enemy1

    Enemy2 destroy

    Add another action before destroying Enemy2:

    Enemy1 set Bullet angle of motion to (Enemy2.Bullet.AngleOfMotion)

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