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    Okay, so my issue, I'm trying to pause a layout. BUT when I do I can't have certain assets animated, due to the entire layout being paused. ( I wish I could just pause layers-but nope)

    My main issue is my spawner objects, if I pause all objects but the objects I want paused (I run in to issues with the spawners.

    What I want, is for an event to be triggered when I start the game and it unpauses it also unpauses my spawners and triggers their random every so many seconds.

    I'm pretty much trying to keep my entire layout paused expect for a title screen on a layer, I want it set up so when I shoot it triggers the layout to be unpaused.

    To simply this, I just want to pause stuff and keep my layered title screen animated, then unpause when I tap.

    When I stop time for my spawner objects, I believe they still spawn...

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  • Set time scale to 0 for objects that you want to be paused.

    Set global variable isPaused when the game is paused.

    In your spawning event add another condition checking if "isPaused=0".

    Or instead of spawning "Every X seconds" use Timer behavior on your spawners sprites. Then when you set spawner's time scale to 0, its timer will also be paused.

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