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  • how can I make instance variables 1 to 10 and use them to add stats in an array? is it possible!

  • just by events?

    can you give a better explanation please?

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  • I am making a sports game and want to store my player stats and their skills like instance variables like power , accuracy ,stamina etc. And then want to make a layout where player can select a team and every team having players in it. Every player's power ,stamina etc will show on screen when we click on them. we can swipe our players in or out of team means want to choose 11 players from 15 in the team for match. when my team is batting it will show a player sprite on the pitch and a HUD will show the player name and his score on the screen but after when he is out the sprite will be same but want to load other player's name score on HUD . After the match innings a layout will appear where it will show every player name and how much they scored in the match.


  • maybe using the localstorage?

  • Thanks I will give it a try!

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