What tools i should use to sign my apk file?

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  • fldr thanks for tips i change everything but i have another question.

    Where i can change version of apk like in atttached picture?

    I cant upload new apk because version is still 20001

    I change picture to english version

    its in the second picture i posted, "App version code" you have to put 20002 or higher there and rebuild (with reuploading your stuff when it asks).

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  • fldr but where i can edit this?

  • picture 1 and 2 show what you get when you click on "Projects" in the upper left corner

  • fldr

    i do in intel XDK all what you sugested

    i check plugins media and device

    and plugin Phonegap admob

    i change app version code and succesfully updated apk file

    when i try instal game on my device from google play i have this error

  • do you have your files in the folder you specified in the XDK? When the path is ".../www/", the exported files have to be directly in this folder, that means dont put them into ".../www/mygame" or something or specifie this exact path in the XDK.

  • Ok i go further fldr can you test my game or someone? i need to know is this working

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... .samolocix

  • i get the "Exported games alert" that happens when you build an apk with exported files that are NOT cordova export, i know that because i made the same failure some times


    i looked into your apk, the intelxdk.config.additions.xml is missing which is evidence you didnt use Cordova export option in construct2 to make these files.

  • fldr i WANT THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, now im sure obout 99% what i must do to create right signed apk.

  • if u use the intelxdk u dont have to worrie about sign the apk, just remember the ingame com.id.com thing and place the same sht in the intelxdk option, then on googleplay will ask u for exactly that on ur new app for ios is a matter of the certificates u create and upload them into the builder, i suggest u go the intelxdk way, since they have cordova and many others apk exporting and also native apk, so its between using intel*(bilion company* or cordova from their website or other shits like phonegap that barely made 2 mil dollars) ur choice mate

  • fldr i WANT THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, now im sure obout 99% what i must do to create right signed apk.

    no problem, im glad i could help!

    after i played your game i have the feeling that you want to try out corsswalk soon

    if you want to, you have set the "build options" for crosswalk again (next tab).

  • You can upload your applications to Google play by Intel XDK , you don't need any tool create keystore. The steps are as follows:

    In Building setting -> APP ID : Can not be empty. You set your APP ID. Example: com.androi.yourapplicationname

    Author : Yourname

    You save APP ID and Author.

    Build application and upload to google play

    When you update version for application, you must remember APP ID and Author. Besides,The Version Code (in Bulid setting) of the updated app needs to be greater than that of the preloaded app

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