How do I toggle sound in cocoon JS?

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  • I really thought that Construct 2 would contain a global "mute audio" action. I was stunned to discover that it contains a plethora of audio actions but not a simple global "Mute/Unmute All". I struggled with this until I found Cipriux 's example above:

    You can try changing the master volume or by tag. Instead of using dB I use this formula

    I'm used to seeing code but missing hidden stuff out because a capx is worth a thousand images, so I really thought your solution was too good to be true. But, hey ho, it really is as simple as that! Just a variable and 2 lines of code! I had been struggling with this for hours so Cipriux thank you SO much!

    I couldn't get any of the other proposed solutions on this page to do what I wanted but Cipriux nailed it

  • Cipriux, awesome thank you. Why 33? Just could not figure that out? Perhaps I am being daft?

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  • AngelEyes I didn't came up with the formula, I found it digging the internet or this forum, I don't remember, it was 2 years ago. The formula must be an approximation of a more complex function....I don't know

  • Thanks Cipriux, I did realise that it all happened a while back. Never the less, it was really helpful thanks.

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