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  • Hi

    I have a problem with the Timer behavior

    I have 2 timers an A and one B but the conflicts somehow

    How can I solve this

    Cheers<img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22406377/C2-timer-Conflict.jpg" border="0" />

  • use tags for the timer instead of the empty tag ""

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  • Before I read through the logic there please give the timers tags so instead of Timer A "", give it a name like Timer A "AWESOMETIMER" and see if it still breaks.

  • Thanks for input

    BUT still no luck

    It countsdown about halfway too 4 or 5 from 9

    and if I disable TimerB then TimerA is doing right from 9 to zero


    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22406377/C2-timer-Conflict2.jpg" border="0" />

  • I don't understand your events..

    on timerA you destroy the bonustomatA and the Countdown.

    But on bonustomatA destroyed you try to make the countdown you just detroyed to spawn something and you try to destroy it again?

    And the next one is even more confusing first you destroy bonustomatB and two actions later it has to spawn something.. Hmmmm

  • But another question.. You say it only counts to 4 or 5, where do those numbers come from?

  • Ashley

    You think that should be a one per?

    Really there's no conceivable situation where multiple behaviors would be needed here.

  • LittleStain


    Will try to explain..

    After Start Timer >Bonus_Tomata_A Spawn a Sprite Countdown (this is a frame animation with numbers from 9-0 that plays )as overlay on Bonus_Tomata_A and I scale it

    And When Timer is finished it Spawn the explode and destroy it self and the Countdown

    If Bonus_Tomata_A it destroyed by others it also explode end the destroy of countdown is to ensure that the countdown also destroy on collision if hit before the timer is finish

    BUT I will test with a simple setup with 2 timers too see if I can find a solution


  • I'd add a system compare (Bonus_Tomat_A.timerA.currenttime is not equal to 0) to the on destroyed command, just to be sure not to trigger the on destroyed when the timer-behaviour is responsible for the destroy action.

    And you should really put the Bonus_Tomat_B spawn action before you destroy it.

    At the moment it also seems if there is no difference between Tomat_A and Tomat_B, because they both have the same events and actions, which makes me wonder why not just use instances of Bonus_tomat, but I might be missing something.

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