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  • Lets say you doing a arcade style game and u wanted a 3, 2 , 1 countdown timer to be displayed at the center of the screen before the game starts and you didnt want the player to be able to do anything or pressed any buttons until the countdown was done how would u be able to do that ?

  • You could have the user controls be part of a variable that disables them unless the variable is on and then on start of layout wait 3 seconds and then activate the controls. You could also throw an animation with the count down up on the screen while this is taking place or just use a text object as part of a global variable that subtracts 1 every second.

    Lemme see if I can throw together a simple demo of what I'm thinking.

  • okay ill try your variable method and for the animation with the count down you was saying that mean ill have to create some graphics with numbers in correct or i guess the simple way would be to use the text object like you do for Score

  • Ok, I bet there is a much cleaner way to do this but I thought it was worth a look to get the idea down. You will need to change how you want the timer to start but the example I created is a really rough example made in under a minute.

    Good Luck!

  • That was pretty cool thanks but say for instance you wanted a more graphical number font lets say something you made in a artwork program where the numbers looked more cool with some style to it can i add that in c2

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  • you could do it like this

  • Thanks guys, this is helpful.

  • I appreciate you guys!

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