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  • I always enjoy browsing the "How do I" section, as reading and attempting to solve these "logic puzzles" was my main method of how I learned to use construct 2 in the first place.

    Coming from zero programming background, reading responses and answering questions as best I could as well as trying to recreate game mechanics I loved from older games and understand what is making each action work is how I got comfortable with C2.

    I have seen a fair share of threads like the ones referred to in this thread, and even if the poster is asking for something rudely or demanding his game be made for him if the topic interests me I will take a stab at solving it.

    Once instance i recall In particular, I was having troubles with myself was attempting to make a Megaman styled slide action. I worked on it for hours and could not get it to function how i wanted, got something close enough, asked for help posted my .capx got responses and help although it still was a bit off after the fixes but that was more my method than the help, after scraping the original code I found a better method using logic from help I received.

    I later saw a thread asking for something similar and someone had already posted a .capx so i looked at it and while it had a great method mine was different so I edited the .capx that was posted and uploaded my method to give the original poster options and the guy still went on for 2 pages being more then unpleasant and blamed Construct for being broken.

    (http://www.scirra.com/forum/megaman-x-dashing_topic72660.html?KW= this is the thread i was refering to)

    Kind of depressing really.

    But I digress, as the majority of posters on these forums seem like nice reasonable people.

  • BACLog

    I've had rudeness from 2 folks, he is the other one lol

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  • Bit late to the party but I'll chime in here anyway: totally agree with the OP and pretty-much everything that's been said, especially about a few particularly rude or entitled newcomers. I'm a relatively new user myself - been here a year and have very little game development experience before C2 - but between the forums, manual and tutorial, and of course a lot of experimentation, I got to a point where I'd consider myself a pretty competent user.

    But then, and this is a weird thing that I didn't expect to happen, I found that helping others was perhaps the greatest learning tool I used. People would ask for a way to solve problem x, and I'd think "gosh, that's a good question, I wonder how that would be done," and then I'd go off and figure it out - often using bits and pieces of information scattered around the place - and return with a capx and an explanation.

    And the few time I've been completely stumped, there's been someone with a far greater knowledge of traditional programming and/or math to swoop in and offer me advice.

    Honestly, this community is the most helpful I've ever been a part of, and that includes another forum that I actually run :P

    Scirra forum is the perfect embodiment of that which helps those who help themselves.

  • GeometriX. I agree, I learn so much by just putting together quick examples for people. Things I don't know how to do off the top of my head, but like the challenge of figuring it out. I also save all my CAPX thinking I may need to use that someday :).

  • GeometriX and ArcadEd

    I 100% agree, I adore the how do I section as I will find questions that seem fun to take on the challenge of solving the issue and when I do as others have stated it feels awesome having something work the way you intended 100%.

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