Tilt controls not working.

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  • Ok Ashley , so then why do the values under "Accelerometer" change when I move/rotate the phone in the app jeffige linked? This app.

  • The accelerometer tells your phone whether the screen should be in portrait or landscape mode. That is about it.

    It has a Compass too, this tells your phone what direction it is facing. But that is not exactly helping.

    Say, you are holding the phone direction North (compass), in landscape mode (accelerometer) ....

    and now you want to tilt the phone (still in landscape, and your couch is still facing north) ...

    then you need a gyroscope.

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  • F***, worst news I've heard all week 99Instances2Go and that's saying something..... ok.... is there a plugin that will get what I need done using just the accelerometer?


    Hey did you ever figure this out?

    It seems that my game doesn't work on some of the phones that have installed it. Going to try and run down the problem and hopefully a fix today.

    Even some phones that are new (within the past year) DO NOT have a gyroscope. Really disappointing.

  • Nope jeffige , no solution yet sadly. The only thing I can think of is you put both options in the game for people motion movement&sprites on screen/buttons movement and you just let them change the option.

    That way you can cover as many people as possible, that's what I'm thinking of doing. Not ideal, but what can you do...?

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