Tiled Map Collision Problem

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  • Hiya! Happy Sunday!

    I am doing a lot of proof of concepts for getting ready to make a game.

    I used TILED to create a project.

    Now I have a little man on the layout that runs around using the 8Key method.

    How can I make him stop moving when he say hits a wall, but move when on say dirt.




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  • ok this need alot of works 0.0 i liked the way you made the game :) good luck see here is the way.. first of all try to make a collision polygon in all these frames, and put all the frames you want in the end of animation and do events like this :


        condition1:player collision with tiled

        condition2:system : compare two values-> player.animationframe >= the first frame that has a solid.

       action: anything you want for example destroy..

    you can make it with easier way take all solid frames as a new object , its ok you can make 100 object it will be better than 1 object with 100 frames

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