Tile based "digging" games

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  • RookieDev

    Glad to hear :) I will post more construct when i get my new computer ;) I also works on an another project which i may also post some videoes about! But i am not sure if i can post them while speaking english, because my english kinda sucks, but i might try.

  • You have some good english HPA97 its good enough for me to understand and im american.

    Great vids and once again thank you for helping me out

  • mystazsea HAHA. No lie, every forum i have been in today you have been in being a sarcastic douchebag sounding like you get off from other people not knowing what you know. Chill out dude a lot of these people here are here because they don't have much knowledge of making video games and they come here to get true answers from people and you have to put your useless opinion in. stop being sarcastic for one minute man and let these people learn. wouldn't you rather spread your game making knowledge and be known on here for that rather then for being a Douche that no one likes? you sound ridiculous ON EVERY FOURM!!! you have not put out one shred of usable info that i have seen.......

  • HPA97 I don't want to be rude so please don't be offended but I think

    You choose very long and hard way for doing what you are doing. After examining your images I think you should first learn some more "How To" about C2 before starting this kind of project.

  • *spanks monkey to NNG's Avatar*


  • I agree that i used a very loong and hard way to deal with the problems. However that is how i learn, by doing. I like to think out a logic and a easy way to try to solve my problems, but of course since i am not skilled with how the "Arrays" works, i obviusly end up having problems where i can only solve it by using these loong and hard ways. But that is just how i deal with things, and i like it ;)

    I also like to share it to others so they also can use it if they find it helping. But i agree that i use loong and hard solutions for things...

  • thanksfor this man helped me a lot

  • This post helped me a lot. Thankx

  • Look at this one, I did it by telling the computer to create a rock sprite bellow the game floor every tick.., then there is a sine sprite that cuts a path as they travel up, also on a time interval it randomly creates 100 or so diamonds on a layer behind the rocks... After the rocks cross o er the top of the screen they are destroyed to keep down on screen image numbers. http://www.kongregate.com/games/TonyW50/cave-runner

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  • HPA97 any success with your terraria clone in C2?

  • guys what is the command to do the erase blocks on a tilemap?

    It's something like TilemaptoMouse(x) something like that.

    It's when you do like Mouse Left Click >> Erase Tilemap (something something XY)

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