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  • Hey Y'all!

    So a quick question: If I were to implement a combo mechanic, similar to that of, say, the Devil May cry series, how would I go about that?

    To clarify, by 'combo mechanic' I mean the following:

    The player can execute a variety of attack through combined key input (like the 'half-circle-forward hadoken from SF for instance).

    So far I have only managed to connect one single key press per action. I would like to know how I could have characters act differently, according to key combinations.

    If someone has already explained: sorry my bad, where can I find it?


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  • You know a bit about arrays ? If not we have good Tutorials for it ;)

    Make an Array and save there the pressed keys like: Array(1: Z, 2:Y, 3:Y, ....)

    In you On key Press function something like:

    + On Key press

    ++ If Key = Z

    +++ if Array = Z, Y, Z

    ----> Special skill Haduken

    ----> reset Array (optional)

    +++ if Array = Z, Y, Y, Y

    ----> Special Skill Sharingan

    ----> reset Array (optional)

    This is just an idea, try it on your own risk :D

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