How do I make that, clicking a button, to start an executabl

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  • As always, I apologize for any grammatical errors. I am working Google Translator.

    How do I make that, clicking a button, to start an executable file?

    I created an isometric game for mobile devices and'm doing a version for Windows computers. If on smartphones, the character can interact with things and houses, following a short animation, computer windows I want to make sure that the character has the feeling of really get into it, thanks to an executable of my creation. Construct 2 allows, clicking on a button in html5, to start an executable?

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  • Hi there. In order to do that, just add the Node-Webkit object to your project if it isn't already done, then create an event that says:

    On Button clicked: Run file at path %expression%

    You will have to replace %expression% by a working file path.

    You can find exemples of file paths variables by entering "NodeWebkit." in the path. The dot "." is important because it will auto-suggest different variables you can use, just remove the quotes.

  • Thanks!

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