How do I test in Cocoon JS properly?

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  • Hey guys, I'm working out the kinks in my game Star Catcher and it runs okay on my computer but when I test it out on CocoonJS the frame rate can go from 60 FPS to 4 FPS for a few seconds.

    I have WebGL enabled, I'm using the CocoonJS physics, and I have the CocoonJS object in my project.

    I think this might be a memory issue as I have 24 events (which I am trying to group together) and the memory use is 25.7 mb so yeah it's a bit on the biggish side. Also my layout is 1920x1080 pixels and I also need to figure out some sort of ratio scale so it fills the screen properly because when i test it in CocoonJS there's this white bar at the bottom which I initially thought would eventually be filled in with ads or something.

    I wasn't able to include my Capx file due to it being a smidge over 2 MB.

    Please help! Thanks!

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