Terminator 2 Arcade / Operation Wolf

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  • After reading the FAQ's and looking through the site I could not find any examples of how to recreate this style of game. I know a lot is lost from not actually having the lightgun but on a tablet this genre could be quite fun.

    Would this engine be suitable for creating such a game and are there any examples of such game in this or any other engine?

    Thank you.

  • Can't see what would be so hard about this style of game. What would you find difficult about tapping enemies to kill them? ;p

    Of course, that would be a bit too easy, plus I think you'd lose the fun factor that comes from using a lightgun. Also, I think your hand / fingers would get in the way most of the time.

    Just do a quick concept using boxes that appear randomly and you have to tap them to kill. Then you'll see if your fingers do get in the way or not.

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  • yeah, look at my game quickshot.

    has that kind of game play :)

    while making it I actually had though about making an operation wolf clone :)

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