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  • Event

    When Obj Clicked


    Start Animation "Jump"

    Did you add the animation in the animation panel? Post your capx, I ll see.

  • here is my game

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  • You have no animation created yet.

    When you double click on the CHARACTER "SPRITE" in the Object Panel in the construct right side. It will give you three other windows

    In The IMAGE EDITOR - You uploaded CHARACTER image here.

    In ANIMATIONS BAR - Now you see you have something called Default --> Right Click on the empty space in this window and ADD ANIMATION. Now rename it as JUMP. You have just created an animation called JUMP. You can't call an animation which is not yet created. As it is now created. Go to the next window

    ANIMATION FRAMES BAR - Right Click and add as many frames as you need in the animation. Upload images for every frame. Just upload any image sequence image for now and see what happens.

    So now you need to draw the whole jump and upload here.

    Once you have done this go to this manual. You need to see this. It will have explanation about sprites and animation.

    https://www.scirra.com/manual/48/image- ... ons-editor

    Hope it helps

  • thanks bro. is this correct now ? how come still can't jump ?

  • See the numbers running when you click the arrow button, those are called animation frames. You can check that in the Animation Frames Window. You didn't add that. Instead of these frames you should draw the jump animation of the monkey and add those sequence in each frame.

    My best advice would be to stop this work currently and try a tutorial of animation.

    In that way you can get help on action, frame rate and more.

    Hope it helps.

  • thanks bro. I will try again

  • Hardyanto hey our name near same lol!

    btw,where are you from?

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