How do I swipe puzzle

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  • then I was able to edit the files capx, comes very close to what I want to do.

    here is the mistakes to adjust:

    • You should not add more blocks
    • You do not delete other blocks
    • If it is 4x4 remain 16 colors and all!
    • When you make a swipe you add another 4 random blocks and must not be so.

    as in the video!


    I'm trying to create a swipe in the row of colors. I have basically opened a project, an idea that came to me. I was inspired by the Rubik's cube, obviously seen in 2D, this system that I thought good for those who want colored squares, 2x2 3x3 4x4 5x5 etc. I found a post in a file that is close to my idea, but not quite! I want that if the level there are 16 so colors remain as 4x4 and does not add or delete other colored squares like any match3 !!! I leave the youtube link and explain how it should be swipe, swipe just have to see. I explain an example of level 4x4: 4 blue square, yellow square 4, Green 4 square, purple square 4, mixed at random so random. to solve the puzzle you have to align all the colors in a row, or horizontal or vertical. then you can solve only in two cases. please help can not do it right. I leave attached the file with which I left that I found inside the forum, only that when you swipe you add square at random, indeed ought not to be so, but like in the video, please comment if you do not understand if you do not want to tell help me tell me the same. thank you


    example resolve:

    you can attach an example please?

  • alextro can you help me?


    Please have patience. The users who generally help come from many different time zones so it can be 24 hours before a response .

    If no response has been had after 24 hours then it is acceptable to 'bump' your own thread in order to make it more visible again.

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  • I think no one would answer because they do not understand

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