swapping sprite animations

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  • Sure, let's look at a .capx and see how we can fix what you have. Just save what you have as a Single File from your export options in C2, then upload that to something like, say, dropbox. Once you have that, use the insert hyperlink button on the forums posting options. It'll first ask for a name of the file (type whatever you want), then the url for the dropbox file (just right click and copy the link to the file in dropbox, then paste it into the url request).

  • The invisible sprite was a result of having another same-named Sprite object causing a conflict. Here is an updated .capx, with changes made and heavily commented, explaining how I achieved the animation swap result. I condensed what you had into a few groups to hopefully make it easier to navigate the event sheet. You didn't need the empty events as spacers, so this should have cleaned up the code quite a bit.

    If the comments don't explain how I did it well enough or you have other issues, let me know.


  • pure genius man, seeing that swap made me really happy ha do you remember what was named the same? was that also causing the fireball acorn to being shot from the sky?

  • you even got his time out sprite working ahaha so funny

  • Happy to help! Yeah the other Idle (Idle49 I think it was called?) was located way under your gameplay area, and was being called as the one to scroll to. But since it was off the screen, it couldn't complete the action. I didn't notice the fireball not working properly, it could have been related to the Idle49 as well, but once I removed that one it didn't seem to cause any issues. At any rate, it's a great sprite-based look (I'm a fan of the retro-looking titles), and I hope the project moves along for you.

  • thanks again for the help there Jktozier, so im messing around with the acorn, making a diff set of animations for it...for when you collection more than ten the acorn turns to gold and then is to encourage the player to play with restrictions....(being slower)

    (acorncount<10) so for some reason when the Acorn collides with the sack, nothing happens...it just keeps on swinging and not changing animation set


  • also, im thinking of having it to when the player has these restrictions and picks up a gold acorn, the points increase by so much everytime until the game is over or until they dump the acorns into the tree....though we dont have a highscore up there yet...anyway just ideas.

    also for points...now im thinking the Home tree is there just to dump off and make your bag lighter...the points will come from when you collect the Acorns...so technically you don't have to dump off the Acorns if you dont want to...but it will be there if the player wants to be faster...

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  • so for the nutsack changing to the gold animations...when i collect ten acorns the nutsack is suppose to change to the gold swinging animation... and it doesnt...but i did the it to change to the open gold animation when i collide it with the acorn....

    now i just need to solve it to when I collect 10 acorns the swinging bag changes to the gold swinging bag..


  • trying to make a variable that while the player collides with HomeTree Sprite, they press Down on arrow key and the Acorn Counter goes to 0....


    I tried setting up a variable that when the player collides with hometree sprite...the variable =1...

    variable =1 then acorn counter goes to 0


    didtn really work...have no idea how to tie in a keyboard function

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